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Acid-Base Therapy®

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Acid-Base Therapy®


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Holistic and individually tailored to you

Cancer therapy from Germany

The Klinik Bavaria offers you a new and worldwide unique cancer therapy to increase your chances of recovery as much as possible.

Diagnosis cancer

We are there for you and help you to go your own way.

The diagnosis of cancer has turned everything upside down and you want to lead a regular and carefree life again. You are looking for a real alternative to traditional treatment methods such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, want to supplement them or have no other treatment options available to you. Then we offer you a new and well-proven way to improve your health and help you beat your cancer.

Acid-Base Therapy®, an infusion therapy developed by Prof. Drevs, intervenes in the PH system of the tumor and can thus fight cancer cells and activate your immune system at the same time. This leads to a positive double effect for you.

Cancer - hope through
Acid-Base Therapy®

Cancer - hope through Acid-Base Therapy®

We have successfully put into practice what Nobel Prize winner Otto Heinrich Warburg recognized

Prof. Drevs has been trying to find a cure for cancer for more than 35 years. In this long period of practical work as a therapist, directly with patients and as a committed scientist, he has succeeded in developing a therapy that represents the prerequisites for a good and effective method of taking the horror out of cancer.

  • Gentle therapy with few side effects
  • Good and successful response in many types of cancer
  • Preservation and support of healthy cells
  • Short therapy times of 4-6 weeks
  • Drug manufactured individually in Germany (under GMP)
  • Well-tested alternative
  • Fundamental effectiveness proven in many studies

We are the only facility in the world to offer you Acid-Base Therapy® with a systematic approach and completely as an infusion therapy.

Krebs Diagnose
Klinik Bavaria ganzheitliche Krebstherapie neuer Behandlungsansatz

The good news:

There is

We at the Klinik Bavaria offer you a completely new approach to treatment with a holistic cancer therapy.

Not all people are the same. In order to increase the chances of recovery in the fight against this insidious disease, we are convinced that every cancer treatment must be tailored to the individual patient. Not only because every person reacts differently to external influences and treatment methods, but also because the respective initial situation almost always varies.

This is precisely why holistic cancer therapy can be the decisive factor for a lasting recovery.

Ganzheitliche Krebstheraphie Bayern

Acid-Base Therapy®
particularly valuable

Acid-Base Therapy®
particularly valuable

Holistic & team oriented

An established team accompanies you during your cancer therapy

With decades of expertise in rehabilitation, Professor Drevs and the Klinik Bavaria specialize in a common goal: to focus not only on the cancer itself, but also on the individual person who carries the disease, thereby significantly increasing the chances of recovery. There is no doubt that conventional medicine now offers excellent methods for treating all types of cancer. However, our experience has shown that holistic cancer therapy, which also uses naturopathic treatments, is not only more effective but also much better tolerated by patients. It takes time to tailor cancer therapy to each individual person and the respective course of the disease - and we take this time for you. Because we focus on you as a person.

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Hardly any side effects,
No chemotherapy,
No hair loss ...

... that is the Acid- Base Therapy®

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We take the gentler and at the same time more effective route

Salicylic acid as an effective drug in cancer therapy

Many different studies have shown that salicylic acid protects against cancer and can inhibit the formation of metastases. Increasingly, data are emerging in which the positive effect of salicylic acid on the development of cancer and the risk of recurrence after cancer is accumulating. Not least because of our internal experience, we are convinced of the efficacy of this drug. We will determine the combination and dose of salicylic acids to be administered to you in a therapy plan that is individually tailored to you.

What is the procedure for the
Acid-Base Therapy®?

How is the
Procedure of the
Acid-Base Therapy®?


Initial contact

In a detailed initial consultation, you will receive all the information you need about the options available to you for successful cancer treatment. It is important that you bring all information about your state of health and the nature of your illness with you to the initial consultation (doctor's letters, findings, etc.).


Therapy plan

Based on the initial consultation, our experienced doctors and therapists work in a multi-professional team to create your personal treatment plan, which is tailored precisely to your situation in order to maximize the chances of a cancer cure.


Cancer Therapy

After consultation with you, we will arrange a suitable date for the start of treatment, which will take place at the Klinik Bavaria in Bad Kissingen. A cycle of Acid-Base Therapy® can vary depending on the clinical picture, but is in the range of 2-3 weeks with up to 7 days of therapy per week.



We will discuss with you on an individual basis whether and in what way you still need care after your cancer treatment. Here, too, we take your personal situation into account.


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Please bring all your medical findings with you to the initial consultation so that our attending physician can tailor our therapy to you in the best possible way.

A holistic cancer therapy ...

...because people are at the center of everything we do.

Every person is different. Therefore, it is important to take the necessary measures for each therapy. The Klinik Bavaria in Bad Kissingen offers all the facilities from which you can benefit as a patient. These include:

  • Orthopedics and neurology with numerous therapy devices
  • Pastoral care to give you the support you need
In this way, you can make use of many additional services directly and conveniently on site and save yourself the effort of having to go to another facility just for this.
ganzheitliche krebstherapie saeure basentherapie

Advantages of the
Acid-Base Therapy®

compared to other cancer therapies

Keine Chemotherapie

Kein Haarausfall

Keine Entzündungen im Körper

Kein operativer Eingriff

Wenig Nebenwirkungen

Kurze Therapiezeit

Krebstherapie Klinik Bavaria Bayern Deutschland

Do not

give up hope!

Even if all previous therapies have been grueling and have not brought the hoped-for results, you should hold on to the hope of a cure for your cancer. At the Klinik Bavaria, we are increasingly able to experience the positive effect that Acid-Base Therapy® has on our patients.

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Since Acid-Base Therapy® has been used to fight cancer, more than 1,000 patients have already been successfully treated. Thanks to the globally unique treatment method, even people who were previously considered to have little chance of recovery have been completely cured of the disease. Take the step and declare war on cancer. Do it for yourself and your family!